Sacrebleu Productions and Plug In Digital strengthen the bonds between Animation and Video Games

The video game publisher will run the video game adaptation of the new feature movie « Sirocco and the Kingdom of air streams » from the animation production company. The first step of an ambitious transmedia partnership.

Plug In Digital will adapt Sirocco into a video game

Annecy (France) – June 14, 2023

Opening film of the 47th edition of the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy, presented in the official selection, Sirocco and the Kingdom of air streams is the latest creation from Sacrebleu Productions. But not only! The production company and Plug In Digital, French video game publisher and distributor, are pleased to announce their partnership for the video game adaptation of the cartoon’s universe.

Animation and Video Games are two strategic props of the Cultural and Creative Industries. Both companies intend to accelerate the liaison between their ecosystems and establish a solid bridge. This will first happen with the video game adaptation of this poetic odyssey by Benoît Chieux. An audacious creative and technical challenge given the artistic ambition of the project, and the desire of the two partners to arouse the interest of a young audience as much as an audience of adults and young adults.


Interweaving the arts: Sacrebleu’s bet

With over 90 animation projects already supported, Sacrebleu Productions has become one of the largest production companies in France. During Cartoon Next earlier this year, they expressed their intentions to guide their productions towards cultural transformations, showing the attractiveness of animated cinema for other spheres such as literature and video games. These adaptations nowadays appear as an obvious opportunity to breathe new life into stories that have moved them.

The first adaptation of Sirocco and the Kingdom of air streams will unfold through the pages of a colorful children’s literature book, led by the publishing house Actes Sud. It will be publicly revealed next December at the Youth Press and Literature Fair in Montreuil, France.

At the crossroads of European animation and Japanese anime, the film has an undeniable potential to make a name for itself worlwide. Barely unveiled, the masterpiece is already heading in a new direction, picking up speed to take on its next role. Sirocco then prepares to conquer a new kingdom, that of video games.

Sirocco and the Kingdom of air streams as a video game
Sacrebleu Productions feature film

An attractive new breath for the productions

To transform the viewer into a player, Plug In Digital stands out as the perfect partner. For 12 years, the company has built up a solid expertise and became a reference in the video game landscape. International digital distribution company, but also a growing publisher with its two publishing labels: Dear Villagers and PID Games.

According to Plug In Digital, the synergies between animation and video games are quite obvious. The expert intends to make cross-licensing adaptation – from game to animation and from animation to game – a new strength of its development.

video game adaptation of Sirocco

“Animation and Video Game have grown in harmony. Our teams are all as keen of anime and cartoons as they are of games. Of course the bridges already exist, but mostly for big licenses adapted in games, or game hits becoming successful series like the extraordinary Arcane. – confirms Guillaume Jamet, VP Head of Publishing at Plug In Digital. What is interesting today with Sacrebleu is to establish those bridges with more independent productions. Apart from blockbusters, the world of Animation is full of creativity and little-known universes that are great matters for games. »

When the video game publisher saw Sirocco and the Kingdom of air streams, it was love at first sight. With its singular artistic direction and its production « on a human scale », the feature film perfectly meets its wishes for the adaptation of works for all audiences and families.


A few months to wait

For Sacrebleu and Plug In Digital, the cooperation marks the belief of a worthwhile project. The touching animated adventure will hit theaters at the end of the year. Regarding its adaptation, the audience will have to wait a little longer. All that remains is to integrate the development studio, which has the know-how to properly assimilate the atmosphere of the film and transcribe the emotion, the senses and the elements that compose it.

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