Plug In Digital joins forces with LOAM by Games Industry Africa

Plug In Digital announces its partnership with LOAM by Games Industry Africa (GIA). The company will therefore participate in supporting African creators in the distribution and sales of their games, alongside LOAM.

Plug In Digital x LOAM by GIA

Games Industry Africa is the primary source of insights, reports, fund initiatives and events on the African games industry scene, supporting the continent’s ecosystem.

LOAM was founded to provide services to address the challenges that every independent developer faces. The platform supplies developers with viable statistics and analysis, helps to improve their visibility, their sales and distribution channels as well as to support them in fundraising.


A devotion to the African video game industry.

Following its commitment to supporting the growth of the African video game industry, Plug In Digital gratefuly seized the opportunity to share its knowledge and strenghten LOAM in the distribution services it offers.


« Absolutely delighted to be in partnership with Plug in Digital and its extensive digital distribution network. » Says Vic Bassey, GIA’s founder. « It promises a greater potential of success for the many developers Loam by GIA works with and helps bridge the gap the creators face when trying to monetize their games. Plug in Digital was a no brainer considering their long history and desire to support the African games industry. »

This collaboration also confirms the intentions of Francis Ingrand, CEO and founder of Plug In Digital : « I’ve always been involved in the African video game industry, encouraging its development as much as possible. I am proud that Plug In Digital has acquired the know-how and is now a reliable support for meaningful initiatives such as LOAM by GIA, providing game developers with solutions to meet their challenges. »

The partnership will start by expanding distribution networks for three LOAM-backed games, Outliver: Tribulation (GBROSSOFT), Colored Effects (TACSOU) and Heistfest: Total Rampage (Amilcar Technologies).

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