Parents and kids are going to love this Orange Game 100% family video games contest: have fun together with your mobile and smartphone, join forces and try to win a Sony PlayStation 5 console and a PS5 video game! You have until January 20, 2024 to play with 20 selected mobile games.

The euphoria of the end-of-year festivities has subsided. The frenzy of December is gradually giving way to the calm of January… except at Orange Games, which are extending the festivities! The gifts are still pouring in with its Christmas competition dedicated to family gaming.

That turns out well: video games are one of the favorite activities of children, and of many adults who have become parents. And what better way to start the year than with a PlayStation 5 home console and a PS5 game?

All you have to do to take part in this competition is play as many of the 20 mobile games selected by Orange Games as you can until 20/01/2024! The more you play, the greater your chance of winning!  Parents, kids and teens will love joining forces to win the big prize!

To take part in the Orange Christmas Game adventure, you need to be an Orange or Sosh customer in France. This is the main condition for access to the competition area. Only Orange and Sosh customers can try their luck and play the mobile games. To become a challenger, follow the steps below:


    • Connect to the Orange Games platform: by opening its dedicated mobile application on your Android smartphone, or by typing the URL in your mobile’s web browser, or by scanning the QR code below with your phone.
    • Once you’ve logged on to Orange Games, discover the 20 games selected for the competition, play as many as you can and accumulate victories to enter the draw.

The draw will take place under the supervision of a bailiff on 25/01/2024, in compliance with the competition rules available here.


To take part in the Orange Games competition, you’ll need to play the gaming titles in its catalog. 20 mobile games have been selected by the team. You’ll find games of all types and ages, suitable for adults and children alike. For example: puzzles, board games, card games, games with Tintin and Snowy, 2 characters loved by young and old alike, etc.

  • 5 letters and 1 word;
  • Avalanche;
  • Belote plus;
  • Chain Cube 2048;
  • Cut the Rope;
  • Hugo Super Skater ;
  • La Belote ;
  • Solitaire ;
  • Ludomania;
  • Mahjong;

  • Monopoly Junior;
  • Who is it?
  • Rami;
  • Retro pinball;
  • Solitaire 12in1;

  • Sudoku Master;
  • Super Buzzer 3;
  • Tarot;
  • Tic Tac Toe Glow;
  • Tintin Match 3.

The latest from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PS5 is the most advanced and powerful PlayStation ever created. It promises immersive gaming in hyper-realistic environments, thanks to its 4K resolutions, top-flight processing power and ultra-short loading times.

While it may seem like it’s only for seasoned gamers, young children can also get their money’s worth. Toddlers, youngsters and teens will quickly make it their own, and love the immersive, spellbinding gaming experiences offered by PS5 games such as Paw Patrol World, Sonic Superstars, Les Sisters 2 and My Life at the Farm. Under parental supervision, these games let them play, strategize, observe and spend fun free time with you and their siblings. In other words, the PlayStation 5 is a console for the whole family. Which explains why its popularity continues to grow in France, Europe and around the world. In fact, its release is already a worldwide success!

By winning the Orange Games competition, you’ll make your kids happy by winning the PS5 and yourself too, and maybe even the exclusive PS5 Spider Man 2 video game. Because the prize package includes the PlayStation 5 and a PS5 game. And the PS5 Spider Man 2 game is the one featured on the Orange Games competition poster. So fingers crossed it’s this one!


If you’re an old-school fan of the Marvel series, you’ll be more than happy to receive this gaming title. In this one, you’ll be able to embody your favorite hero: Spider-Man. You’ll dart from building to building as you create your web across New York City.

Alongside Peter Parker, Miles and Mary Jane, you’ll face Spider Man’s eternal foes: Venom, the Sandman… And in the meantime, you’ll prevent NYC from falling into the clutches of demons and the unwary.

To win this PS5 and a video game from this state-of-the-art home console with its DualSense controller, check out the list of mobile video games for the Orange Christmas Games competition.