The Gamer Inside Brasil sponsored by Plug In Digital

We are moving towards something new. Plug In Digital is now sponsoring a YouTube content creator, aimed at video game professionals. Discover The Gamer Inside Brasil.

Plug In Digital is proud to become an official sponsor of The Gamer Inside Brasil, the channel specializing in gaming news, mainly dedicated to studios and video games professionals. All year long, Plug In Digital will support content creator behind The Gamer Inside Brasil, a new adventure partner with whom we are planning a great surprise for 2022.

The Gamer Inside Brasil is a platform that started in 2013 with a mission to share knowledge relevant to Brazilian developers and connect them, first with interviews conducted at events such as game jams and conferences of great interest that took place at game development events. Since 2018, the channel has added two types of periodic content, Brazilian gaming industry news videos on the industry as well as job postings from Brazil-based companies and companies based in Brazil. foreigner but offering remote work opportunities.


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