Plug In Digital’s founder Francis Ingrand awarded as a Regional Business Ambassador

On October 4, the Gala of Occitanie’s Ambassadors awarded Francis Ingrand, Plug In Digital’s founder and CEO as a regional business ambassador of the region in the creative and cultural sector.


This year, the Gala of Occitanie’s Ambassadors brightened up the lights of the beautiful space of Montpellier’s Opera Comedie, on October 4, 2021. Organized by the French media La Tribune, the 5t edition of the event gathered together 500 economic and institutional representatives from the Occitanie region, for a ceremony devoted to inspiring personalities, “men and women with distinctive careers”, especially in the sector of cultural and creative industries.

The ceremony of Occitanie’s Ambassadors awarded entrepreneurs embodying regional excellence, including Francis Ingrand, founder and CEO of Plug In Digital and subsidiary publishing labels, as a regional business ambassador in artistic fields. Personal recognition for the one who left Paris for the French south region almost five years ago. “There were only five of us when we arrived in Montpellier, and we are now about 50 people in the company, that’s impressive growth. We had the chance to meet wonderful people who helped us to establish here, people from the metropolis, ICC teams, and the ecosystem, which includes a lot of service companies and talented developers.

Closeness is a real plus in the professional environment, so the Occitanie regional fabric is an undeniable asset. Our ecosystem, with its high-level training schools, encourages people to imagine, create, innovate, and we are proud to help them, finance passionate projects, make them known and distribute them. Today, we co-produce, distribute and market our games worldwide, but working locally keeps being the most efficient way.” – Francis Ingrand

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