Plug In Digital ranked in FrenchWeb 500

Plug In Digital is ranked in the French Web 500 among the key companies of the tech industry, reaching the 209th position.


On December 7th, FrenchWeb published the 2022 edition of the FrenchWeb 500, pointing out the key companies of the French tech industry and gathering talented entrepreneurs. This year, Plug In Digital entered the ranking as a video games publisher, by directly joining the 209th position.

After a demanding year for all companies, this new edition has revised its algorithm and focused on highlighting important names of the French tech, but also historical players in hardware and software, and young promising startups, with large funding or operating in bootstrap mode. A more contemporary FW500 that asserts the dynamics and richness of the digital ecosystem.

Plug In Digital team is really proud to be part of it, demonstrating a successful growth since the creation of the company in 2012. Thank you FrenchWeb and partners, and sincere congratulations to all participants.


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