WhisperGames joins Plug In Digital new partners

Plug In Digital is glad to announce its partnership with the Chinese publisher WhisperGames for the PC distribution of October Night Games, a digital board game taking place in a Halloween atmosphere.

Based in China, WhisperGames is a global video games publishing company that was founded in 2015. Plug In Digital is now joining them as a new partner to support the publisher in the distribution of October Night Games on PC platforms, through various partner stores.

October Night Games is a digital tabletop game for one to six players inspired by classic horror literature and movies of the early 20th century. The game features major dreadful Halloween themes and creatures, including witches, vampires, dark magic and cults. Whole in narrative and vintage hand-tinted silent movie aesthetics.

First released on October 29th, we’re now working on October Night Games PC distribution to make Halloween never ends.

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