We’ve adopted a dolphin!

Plug In Digital is a proud adoptive parent of Sailor Mercury, a very active and social female dolphin who lives off the east coast of Scotland. An action made possible thanks to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization, the leading charity dedicated to their protection.   

Plug In Digital is really excited to welcome a new mascot within the team. Thanks to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we had the chance to adopt a dolphin, Spirit, who’s been proudly renamed Sailor Mercury by our team. This is a young grandmother, often seen swimming around the Inner Moray Firth, exploring, hunting, playing and socializing. This symbolic adoption is a way to help WDC to protect dolphins and their living environment, but also whales, porpoises, humpbacks and orcas.  

Whale and Dolphin Conservation strives worldwide to provide marine species a safe future, working to end captivity, stop whaling, create healthy seas and prevent deaths in nets. The WDC organization has a 30 years experience that led to 30 years of success. Among them, proposals from the Scottish Government to create a marine protected area, a successful campaign for a speed reduction enforced to reduce the threat of ship collisions with whales, and many more changes happened thanks to WDC’s actions.  

Plug In Digital and Whale and Dolphin Conservation have started discussions as a result of a charity donation through a sale on Humble Bundle, a company which regularly offers a bundle of video games for sale within a limited period of time. The income is then shared with a chosen non-profit organization. An initiative leading to great encounters, and sometimes… to the adoption of a dolphin! We’ll give news from Sailor Mercury as often as possible, so stay tuned. 


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