Plug In Digital welcomes William “Sky” Bertin as their new Sourcing Manager 

A new video games enthusiast has just joined our team! Please welcome William “Sky” Bertin, who’ll be taking over the sourcing activities for our two publishing labels: Dear Villagers & PID Games.   

Plug In Digital, Dear Villagers and PID Games are proud to announce the arrival of William “Sky” Bertin as their new sourcing manager. William is a well-known figure in the French video game scene. He has been working as a journalist for the last 20 years, including 10 running his own website dedicated to indie games. As a freelance consultant, he also provided support to many studios. For years, he has been at war against video game clichés, looking for every possible gem in countless styles and genres. His strength? Curiosity. William has a strong interest in small teams, those which are not yet renowned but already show a real talent.

William is now joining Plug In Digital as a sourcing scout and ambassador towards the indie developers for our publishing labels, Dear Villagers and PID Games. William joins as a successor of Matthieu “boulapoire” Hurel, who’s setting off for new endeavors. “It’s been a fun adventure to move from the press side to the publishing side and I’ll always be thankful to Francis (or Franics for the insiders <3) for taking a chance on me about three years ago. It’s also been quite a challenge to keep your spirits up since the first half of 2020 (how bizarre!) and I feel that I really want to try something new again. That’s why I’m happy to pass the torch to William considering his dedication to support game developers and especially indie teams from the press side for more than a decade – I’m sure he’ll be a force of good for Dear Villagers and PID Games very quickly.” 

The whole team warmly welcomes William, and greatly thanks Matthieu for all the time he spent looking for the most interesting projects while sharing his knowledge and his unfailing enthusiasm. Wishing you the best, we hope that your next experiences will suit your expectations and bring you what you are looking for. Thank you!  

If you’d like to submit your game to our publishing labels, William is now your new best contact. You can reach out to him on TwitterLinkedIn and many incoming online or offline events. He will also be reviewing the many games we received every week through our submission forms for Dear Villagers and PID Games, which still are one of the best ways to pitch us your projects!  

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