PC Releases of the Month: July

Beasts of Maravilla Island
Exploration, Adventure, Puzzle
Whitethorn Games

Paradise Killer
Story-Rich, Adventure
Fellow Traveller

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength
Simulation, Choices Matter
Fellow Traveller

Greedfall: Gold Edition
Focus Home Interactive

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
Visual Novel RPG
Hound Picked Games

Song of Farca
Detective, Story Rich

Hacking, Simulation, Typing
Fellow Traveller

GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy
Focus Home Interactive

Think of the Children
Action, Co-Op
Fellow Traveller

Neo Cab
Cyberpunk, VIsual Novel, Interactive
Fellow Traveller

Management, Adventure
Fellow Traveller

Puzzle Family Cooking

Hot Brass
Tactical, 2D 
Fellow Traveller

The Stillness of Wind
Adventure, Indie, Story Rich
Fellow Traveller

No Longer Home
Adventure, Casual
Fellow Traveller

Evan’s Remains
Casual, Puzzle Platformer
Whitethorn Digital

Pets No More
Hockey, sports, arcade
Purple Tree

Super Arcade Soccer 2021
Soccer Oldschool
Ruben Alcañiz

Adventure, Indie, VR
Fellow Traveller

Escape from Naraka
3D Platformer, Runner, Parkour
Headup Games

Urban Trial Tricky
Tate Multimedia

In Other Waters
Adventure, Exploration
Fellow Traveller

First-person Puzzler
Pixel Maniacs

Lost at Sea
First-person Exploration
Headup Games

The Ascent
RPG, Action
Curve Digital

Action, Casual
Headup Games

Super Mutant Alien Assault
Platformer, Roguelike, Action, 2D
Fellow Traveller

Genesis Noir
Point’n’Click Adventure
Fellow Traveller

The Church in the Darkness
Action, Indie, Stealth
Fellow Traveller

Kana Quest
Casual, Strategy, Education
Whitethorn Digital

Camp Sunshine
Horror Action RPG
Hound Picked Games

Adventure, Visual Novel, RPG
Fellow Traveller

Vertiginous Golf
Sports, Multiplayer
Fellow Traveller

Can’t Drive This
Multiplayer Party Racing
Pixel Maniacs

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