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Worldwide Distribution & Business Development

Do not rely on a single store for the success of your PC game, deploy it through a large network of legit and performing partners. From major to alternative digital stores worldwide, from China to other growing markets, from obvious to unexpected long tail income sources, we will support your game with extended sales and business development services.

Benefit from our partners’ marketing & communication efforts, cumulating in more than 10M followers on twitter & 10M fans on Facebook

You are more likely to be featured and benefit from special deals

Reach emerging markets through expert local partners

Make the right choices with us: price positioning, discounts, release date, lifecycle, improved conversion rates…

Add dozens of new income sources from cloud gaming and games on demand

Multiply the marketing and sales opportunities
when Steam is limited to a few discount weeks every year

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Some partners

Origin - PC Games partners
Tencent Wegame China
humble bundle
Epic Games
games planet

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