Partnership renewal with Movie Games

Plug In Digital is expanding its partnership with Polish company Movie Games, bringing two more titles to its digital partner stores: Lust From Beyond and Drug Dealer Simulator.

Plug In Digital aims to create and maintain trusted collaboration with its partners. We are proud to share the renewal of our partnership with the Polish developer and publisher Movie Games. After spending some time successfully distributing several of their games, such as Lust for Darkness, Orbital Racer and Plane Mechanic Simulator, we are back working together for the distribution of two new titles. These include the Lovecraft-inspired horror game Lust From Beyond, and the high-rated Drug Dealer Simulator. Both are now part of our PC distribution catalog and are already available on our partner stores.

Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher. Founded in 2016, the company gathers video games figures with more than 30 years of experience in the gaming industry and development. The talented team counts over 80 people, working on various productions including roguelike, horror games, simulators and war games, for PC and consoles. All combining/merging entertainment with art, information and valuable history.


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