Plug In Digital displays its new label : PID Publishing

The distribution expert reveals PID Publishing, a fresh publishing brand and a partnership with the creators of Monument Valley.

French independent distribution expert and publisher Plug In Digital is proud to announce a new flexible publishing effort called PID Publishing. This new label is equally open to global multiplatform deals for unreleased projects and to copublishing agreements to port existing games to new platforms.

Nurtured by recent collaborations with the teams behind Ghost of a Tale, Paper Beast or Unmemory, PID Publishing’s portfolio also proudly welcomes Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a new delightful game envisioned by ustwo games, creators of the Monument Valley series.
This partnership is a perfect illustration of one way PID Publishing intends to work, by offering porting and publishing support on PC/consoles to a renowned studio willing to preserve its self-publishing autonomy on the mobile space. More information about Alba: a Wildlife Adventure will be revealed soon by ustwo games.
With this new brand announcement, Plug In Digital strengthens its position in the games publishing space. Complementary to Dear Villagers, a publishing label successfully launched in early 2019 with a strict focus on PC and consoles, PID Publishing will piece together a more flexible line-up on all platforms, including upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S nextgeneration consoles. 

Francis Ingrand, CEO and founder of Plug In Digital: “Launching a new publishing label is a key step in our growth strategy. The same way we went from a small business development agency to a leading distributor, we are looking to patiently hone our skills, investments, and successes as a publisher. This second brand allows us to work in a more flexible way with selected partner studios that are creating very different types of games.”

PiD Publishing will have an intense end of the year with the upcoming release of Iris and the Giant and Alt-Frequencies on Nintendo Switch and many new games announcements for 2021.

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