New partnership with Triple Topping

Plug In Digital is really pleased to collaborate again with Triple Topping to distribute their captivating games on PC. After a partnership for Spitkiss, we’re now adding Ynglet and Welcome to Elk to our games list.

Triple Topping is an indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in early 2017, the developer has already three catchy and colorful games in its catalog: Spitkiss, Welcome to Elk and Ynglet. After a collaboration for Spitkiss, Plug In Digital is glad to work again with Triple Topping team to help them with the PC distribution of their released and upcoming games.


  • Spitkiss is the first game Triple Topping has released. Out in 2018, this is a cute artistic game with short challenging levels where you’re sending messages of love through platforming stages.
  • Just released in September, Welcome to Elk is a biographical adventure set on a curious island and based on true stories. The game is made of uncommon meetings with wonderful characters and unique mini games tailored to underline the story, making you laugh or either reflect.
  • Last but not least, Triple Topping is currently working with the developer Nicklas Nygren on Ynglet, an upcoming 2D platforming game without platform, said the creator. Among an algorithmic soundtrack and delightfuls hand drawings, Ynglet promises to be a lovely experience.

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