New partnership with Fellow Traveller

The Australian publisher Fellow Traveller just joined our partners network. This new collaboration allows Plug In Digital to take part in the distribution of their beautiful games, on PC and mobile platforms.
Plug In Digital and Fellow Traveller are teaming up to bring stupendous games to more players. Fellow Traveller is the publisher of well known indie games for PC and mobile, like Neo Cab, Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You, Hiveswap, Paradise Killers and more. Plug In Digital is pleased to add such creative and interesting games to its catalog, distributing them on its partner stores. Founded in 2011 under the name of Surprise Attack Games, Fellow Traveller is an Australian publishing label, partnering with indie game developers to work on atypical games with narrative at their core. Chris Wright, the founder, wanted to create a small independent publisher for small independent studios, to work closely, hand-in-hand, as their brand name suggests. Fellow Traveller quickly became a significant player in Australia, working with more than 100 developers as a consultant. Keeping its independence through the years, overcoming hurdles and launching successful games, Fellow Traveller will continue to offer surprising stories for many years to come.  

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