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Why going on mobile with us?


We are a premium partner for apple and google, while also operating with a worldwide large android extra distribution network.

We help you through the process of adapting your game specifically to each environment by addressing every required trc, expected compatibility and behaviours to be eligible for impactful featuring.

We seize every possible opportunity and have marketing partnerships with phone constructors for cross-marketing or hardware oriented deals.

We have a strong network of asian partners for local opportunities (japan, china, korea)

Plug In Digital is a premium partner for Apple and Google


Over a 100+ partners worldwide, including more unusual ones for smart TV & watches, OEM, games on demand, transportation (airplane , bus, train, ship), oil rigs, prisons…

If your game fits, we deploy it on platforms that brings you stable added revenues without much of an effort on your side… we handle everything.

When possible, we help you with technical difficulties, especially when it’s about building games on Xcode or Android Studio.

We work with professional quality assurance and localization partners to bring the best out of your game.

Already in place to push new cloud gaming mobile offers on 5G network

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