Meet the team: Lucas Johnston 

Today, meet the one who ensures the quality of our games, Lucas Johnston! From Texas to Montpellier, Lucas joined our team in summer 2020 to become Senior Lead Producer at our publishing branch Dear Villagers.  

  • Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you, personally speaking
    Born & raised in Texas, I’ve also enjoyed living in California, France, and Poland. After the first few big moves, I digitized most of my book collection and things got a lot simpler. I like cats and dogs equally.
  • For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream for you to work in the video game industry?
    I have been working in video games for over a decade now, though I’ve only been a member of the PID team since mid-2020. As a gamer from a young age, it’s always great to see other players enjoying something I’ve been part of creating.
  • What was your job before you came here?
    More than a decade ago, I started my career in the video games industry at Blizzard Entertainment – while there, I worked in many capacities across 3 of their global offices. In 2019, I took an opportunity to work at CD Projekt Red with some of the finest developers, designers, artists, and producers in the industry – as the Live Operations Producer for Gwent! Finally, after spending some months as a full-time French student in Montpellier, I was invited to join the Dear Villagers team in the summer of 2020.
  • What is your role within Dear Villagers?
    It’s my job to work with our studios and other partners to ensure the games we publish are made at the highest quality possible. My main contribution is knowing the right questions to ask and the right moment to ask them.
  • What could be your ideal project here?
    I’m already living the dream, helping studios from around the globe bring their distinctive and audacious games to players who are looking for something new.
  • One last word?
    There are dozens of off-the-shelf project management methodologies available these days. The best one to use for making games is: whichever one you will keep using, day after day and month after month, until your game is done!

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