Meet our team: Thibault Jullian

All our teams, from distribution to publishing, have strong visual assets needs. The visuals we use on daily basis are produced by our internal graphic design studio. Today, meet the one who leads this creative team, our Visual communication manager Thibault Jullian! After exploring many fields, Thibault jumped into the video games industry more than three years ago, within Plug In Digital.

● Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you, personally speaking?

Hi, I’m Thibault, Visual communication manager at Plug In Digital. I come from the South of France and I’ve always lived in the region. I really am the typical southerner.
In video games as in real life, I’m a huge fan of sports. I play football, tennis and racing games, and when it comes to real life, I practice beach volley a lot, and other sports such as tennis in a more occasional way. But above all, my daily life turns around my family and mainly my little boy, my one-year-old son Théo.


● For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream for you to work in the video game industry?

I joined the company in 2017. At that time, we were only 6 people working in the Montpellier office. Actually, it wasn’t part of my plans to work in the video game industry. But after exploring different fields during my previous experiences (sport, performing arts, leisure park, pharmaceutical lab, global transports, wine industry, cosmetics…), I really much appreciated the atmosphere of this sector. The start-up and family feelings of PID beginnings also had an important role.


● What was your job/studies before you came here?

After graduated in audiovisual and multimedia, I worked as a videomaker and graphic designer for a year in a music label. Following this first experience, I started as a freelancer in visual design for 5 years, creating videos, photos, websites, etc., and had clients like the French Sailing Federation, the world’s largest exporter of Listle rosé wine, artists and even the Olympic medalists Sarah Abitbol and Stephane Bernadis. Then, I was a web & graphic designer at Phytofrance and Les Rochers de Maguelone leisure park.


● What is your role within Plug In Digital?

My role is to manage my team within the creative studio of Plug In Digital. Our missions are a very demanding work since we completed 600+ visual assets in 2020, and we are on a pace of 800+ for 2021. Among them, web design for our brands, Dear Villagers, PID Publishing, Plug In Digital, but also for some of our games. We do web infographics (corporate presentations, templates, marketing sheets, visuals for our partner stores and our social networks, e-mail banners), print infographics (booth at trade fairs, POS, business cards, goodies), video production (advertisements, documentaries, trailers), photography (portraits, report), and design for emailing.


● What kind of success would you like to bring to the company? What could be your ideal project here?

Given the quantity of assets that we have to create, the challenge won’t be easy to meet, but I’d like everything to be perfect as regards the visual designs we produce for our brands and our games.
Otherwise, in terms of missions, my job is already ideal for me. I may dream that one day, PID Publishing will sign a sport game, maybe a tennis game for example, so that I’ll be able to work on all the graphic designs of that game.


● One last word?

Mojito ! Because after the effort, the comfort.

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