Meet our team: Bastian Delalande

From its early days, Plug In Digital has been a pioneer in Cloud Gaming. We are now a key player on that market, providing almost all cloud gaming platforms worldwide with our wide game portfolio. And this Cloud Gaming content offer has a pilot: please meet Bastian Delalande!   

  • Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you, personally speaking?
    Hello There! My Name is Bastian Delalande and I’m the Cloud Gaming Account Manager here at Plug In Digital. What to say about me: I have a lot of imagination, sometimes too much. I make good jokes, sometimes not really. I have a lot of hobbies but well most of them are not possible for now due to the pandemic, so I play a lot of Roleplaying Table Games.


  • For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream for you to work in the video game industry?
    I have been part of Plug In Digital for a bit more than a year now and so far it’s been great! It has been a dream I would say since I was 15 years old, and for now, there is no other industry I’d like to work in more than this one.


  • What was your job/studies before you came here?
    Well, working at Plug In Digital was my first real job aside from internships, I come from Inseec Business School from Bordeaux where I’d been studying for 4 years. My first experience in the video game industry was through an internship at Focus Home interactive as International Business Assistant.


  • What is your role within Plug In Digital?
    I am the Account Manager for Cloud Gaming here at Plug In Digital. Cloud Gaming is to video games what Netflix is to television. With Cloud Gaming, you can access a broad catalog of video games without any download because the games are streamed, all you need is a good internet connection. My role is to meet with my Cloud Partners, understand their needs and what kind of games would be suitable for their audience and then negotiate a contract with them to allow the distribution of our games on their platforms.


  • What kind of success would you like to bring to the company? What could be your ideal project here?
    Cloud Gaming is still relatively new and small in the video games industry and to some extent at Plug In Digital. My Goal is to be there when Cloud Gaming rises to the top and prove itself as the new way to consume video games. When this will happen, I’ll be ready to bring our games to new heights!


  • One last word?
    Kenavo !

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