Meet our Team: Alexandre Le Mieux

Plug In Digital operates under many different scenarios from classic publishing on all platforms worldwide, to co-publishing on specific platforms only. Today, focus on our mobile publishing activity with Alexandre Le Mieux, Lead Product Manager Mobile within a team of 3 at PID Games, Plug In Digital’s label. Discover his experience, his role and missions as a publisher, and his future expectations.

● Introduce yourself in a few words, who are you, personally speaking?

I am Alexandre, a Franco-Lebanese. I used to be a semi-pro swimmer and love playing Dota 2. 
I enjoy Techno festivals and developing games on my spare time. 


● For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream to work in the game industry? 

I have been around for almost 3 years we were 11 total back then, feels weird now with 50 colleagues.

It was not on my mind working in the video game industry when I was younger, but I did develop and sell apps for exams, casino games and one asynchronous game on Casio Graph Algebra back in school and I geeked a lot on cracked games because I didn’t have access to official games in Lebanon.

The Master’s Degree I applied to made me want to work in the video game industry when I saw there was a course about Video Games Mythology, and Player Psychology I was hooked.


● What were your jobs and studies before you came here? 

I have a bachelor’s in Economic and Social Administration at Montpellier 1.
I followed up with a Master in Video Game Management at Polytech Sophia Antipolis. 

I joined Bulkypix a mobile games publisher (Dead Effect, My Brute, The Sandbox, Joe dever’s Lone Wolf…) then created my own company Gamepie and self-publishing services for 3 years. I marketed and even developed on some of the games I helped publish such as Rings. , 3Cubes, Scraps. 

I then joined Playdigious where I had the chance to work on projects deeply and go beyond the usual product management as they work a few titles but work every single detail out of each game. I left Playdigious as my commutes were totalling 3h daily which took a huge toll on me and joined Plug in Digital as I knew Francis from before and his mindset. 


● Which role do you play within Plug In Digital? 

My role is to build the mobile publishing department.

I help to find the games and more importantly the developers we want to work with. I then help each developer team to polish their games (Premium or Free-to-Play) by giving technical, game design, art and monetization advice and more in correlation with their objectives and our estimation of the real market potential.

In parallel I handle all porting projects to mobile with external dev partners and handle all paid advertisement.


As a mobile game publisher, how do you support development studios on a daily basis?

Any support we can give: Game design, Production, Technical, Monetization, Live ops, Data analysis, Art… 


How do you choose the games you’ll be publishing?

We try as much as possible combining our experience, guts and data analysis mostly to pick our projects. 

One very important factor is choosing the development team also. Some games are great but publishing needs a flexible team of developers that you can work with. It weighs a lot in the projects we pick. We’re also constantly on the lookout for already successful PC/Console games that we can port to mobile. 

And finally for F2P we request a lot of data and if we think there is an opportunity for growth we start digging. 


● What kind of success would you like to bring to the company? What could be your ideal project here?

I want Plug in Digital to become a reference for developers who wants their games ported and published on mobile, it goes with the company’s silver lining of “Your games everywhere”. I also want us to be capable of handling F2P projects that could achieve scaling in ads. 

An ideal project would be one where the cost for acquiring a user with ads is lower than the revenues that this user will generate and scalable to achieve a 1M$ ads campaign. 

And we already have several all those! 


● One last word?

Video game passion comes from positive memories and sharing, keeping the human values strong is important for all the video game industry. 

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