Meet our team : Stanislas Peyrat 

In 2020, many people have joined Plug In Digital’s team. Among them, Stanislas Peyrat, who has arrived in early September to start a new adventure as Lead Product manager for our publishing label PID Publishing.  

  • Introduce yourself in a few words, who are youpersonally speaking
    I’m Stanislas, PID Publishing Lead Product Manager. I’m a huge music lover (progressive metal mostly) and a gamer who loves bad puns and good food! 
  • For how long have you been part of Plug In Digital? Was it a dream for you to work in the video game industry? 
    I’ve been in PID for 4 months now (newby). I got there by applying to the job offer… original right? I’ve been in the industry for a few years now, mostly working in Japan, but wasn’t my dream job. I was headed to be a composer (which I did as a side gig for a while back when I was teaching music). But it was definitely on my to do list as a teenager. I’ve been around and, so far, the gaming industry has been the most challenging. Which is something I really enjoy.  
  • Tell us more about PID Publishing 
    PID Publishing’s idea was born before I joined the company. The main goal was to be able to seize the opportunities that were outside Dear Villager’s scope. Once I joined, I contributed in shaping and launching it. So I kinda feel like it’s my baby.
    So far we’re 5+2 in the team (the console team doesn’t work exclusively on PID Publishing’s games). We’re still a fresh new brand inside Plug In Digital but we’re off to a good start.  
  • What’s your role within PID Publishing?   
    My job is to make sure that the game production is going smoothly, to create marcom schedule and try to be as creative as possible with it.
    I also oversee the brand’s communication and image as well as the relationship with our partners.  
  • What kind of success would you like to bring to the company? What could be your ideal project here
    Getting a million seller is definitely an end goal for me! Come on! Ideally an RPG since it’s my favorite type of game. 
  • One last word? 

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