From digital to physical, Plug In Digital also manages your retail strategy  

Since its creation, Plug In Digital has developed a true expertise in many fields, including console gaming. And what’s better than getting a collector version of your favorite game? To make it possible, Plug In Digital brings physical editions available on all consoles, up to the Next-Gen consoles Xbox Series and PS5. Here are a few examples of our latest retail editions. 

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos has been announced to be coming on console this summer! And this time, players could grab it for real since a limited physical edition is planned to be released. Nowadays, games tend to become fully digital, but physical versions remain a must-have for console gamers and a great accomplishment for video game creators. Indeed, in 2020, the console game sales figures were dominated about 38% by the purchase of physical editions against 36% for digital versions according to SELL’s annual report on the French video games market.

Physical editions are important to our partners, therefore we have a specialized business unit dedicated to business development for console games. We released our very first physical game in 2016: NeuroVoider, and today, with our three brands, Plug In Digital, PID Games and Dear Villagers, we have already published more than75 games on console, and we brought 21 into physical edition. Among them, Ghost of a Tale, Splasher, ScourgeBringer, Hover, and more. Collector editions that are made available thanks to our partners such as Just For Games, Super Rare Games, Red Art Games and many others. 


With the launch of Next-Gen consoles, we are expanding our business even further. We’re now working on every console including 
Nintendo Swicth, PSVita, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4 and PS5! And to get even more expertise, we are already planning several physical releases for the next months. Stay tuned!  


Upcoming physical releases
  • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk | PS4, Nintendo Switch  
  • Edge Of Eternity | PS4, PS5  
  • Astria Ascending | PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch  
  • The Forgotten City | Xbox Series X,  Xbox One, PS4, PS5 

And more surprises to come! 

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